Happy birthday Don

Guitar player from my favorite band . Can anyone guess who Don is ? :blush:


I’m guessing Don Felder – The Eagles

Omg @Craig_Paterson the Eagles smh not saying they are not good because they are but they are not my favorite I’m a little more hard core. In quoting a movie the Eagles are a bit “vanilla” compared to my favorite. Lol

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I’ll take a guess at Dan Donegan from Disturbed…the ‘Don’ being his surname reference

Yes / no?

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Neil I think you are starting to know my taste in music :notes: lol. I do love a bit of metal and believe 50 something year old woman can still hang in the pit

The 1st person I thought of was Don Felder from the Eagles, but I figured it was someone from Disturbed.

That was hard question. Luckily someone answered :grinning:

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