Head phones aren't loud anymore

After the update headphones stopped producing quality sound . They just don’t sound loud anymore :sleepy:

Have you tried a reset and then installing the update again? That might be worth a try.

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I’d add to that the following…

Check to see if they need cleaning, perhaps a build up of ear gunk…

If these are in the app, there is possibility of the eq setting may have changed… I found that the Soundcore signature, although quite good, had muted sound vs. Flat or acoustic eq setting…

Let us know what you try and if anything meets with success…

I did and they sound great now. I just wish that Walmart would of advertised them correctly. For color they had frosted pearl but I received some pink ones. I can’t even exchange them. Have to go through the whole return process and buy them again.

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Clean them.
There could be ear wax in the ear buds.

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Glad to hear you got them working again, just a pity that the colour was wrong.

They are the Q35 Head Phones not ear buds, but thank you for your input.

Glad the issue solved

You should have mentioned that you are talking about Q35. :joy:

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Will have to let my son know and let you guys what happens if and when he updates it