Headphones wont connect to android A6

I recently bought the q30 headphones and I cannot connect it to my device. I’ve tried connecting it manually using bluetooth but instead the I get the message “You need an app to use this device”. I own an android A6 ever since 2018 so the option of using an NFC is not possible aswell, I’ve also tried disconnecting and un-pairing and switching off the headphones for a few seconds to give it a second chance and I still see no results and when I finally get the message saying that the headphones wanna pair I would accept and nothing else happens. Only been like 48h since I received the product and I am already quite frustrated since I’ve wanted a wireless headphone to play my music while at the gym and I’m afraid of using the normal cables that are included and accidentally end up ruining it. I would be deeply appreciative if anybody could help me resolve this issue :pray: