Help me plz my Soundcore doesn’t work for gaming

I thing This is not for gamming , not working :unamused:plz how to fix sound for gamming

There are many “soundcores”. :rofl:
Being a little bit more precisely would help.


Yes more info.

What game system? Or is it Mobile? Or PC?

What have you done? Is it the strike series of headset or is it wireless earbuds or headset?

This one? :rofl:

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I do not see any BT or aux ports. :wink: So I guess I am sorry. (get it this game is pre game to the game that Americans know as Sorry }

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Yea which product are you talking about? Also choosing Fitness as a category doesn’t help either. Gaming isn’t fitness related (for the most part minus the VR stuff) and not choosing category as speaker/over-ear/in-ear doesn’t narrow it down either

It should be supported by Soundcore devices as well :rofl:

I guess support would be the correct category. But only with a lot more information.

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Since no reply… you can also contact for tech support as well