Help please with charging on select pro speaker

Greetings: I am bran new to this device, could someone please tell me where status light for charging is on “Sound Core select pro”? I have plugged into power source via of provided usb “c” cable and I have bass & power lights on??? I do not see any separate light for charging.

Thank you, Chad

Looks like a nice speaker, I do not have it but there are a few that I believe have it or have the other one that is not the pro version (if I am thinking about the right device)

If I had to guess your power light is the charging light as well. Most things will show a red light.

If you have not looked at the instructions, you can review it from the document or go to the soundcore site and there should be the same instruction there but in pdf format and it will be several times bigger and easier to see.

Normally the changing status is indicated by the light of the ON/OFF button.
All speakers I got and used had this feature.

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This is the boom pic but I think if similar the charging will be the power button and it will be red while charging.

If you have a cord and it was plugged in, you may want to try to change your power plug in to a different on

1.Turn the power off on the speaker.
2. Plug it in
3. If the power button is Red, it’s charging.
4. If the power button is White, it’s charged.

I have The Motion Boom(s) and that’s how it works for it.

PS On the Boom when you’re connected to the App, you can see the level of charge.


CORRECTION: Online manual is wrong. Points to a separate small led that does not exist! Took a while to learn the power button is multifunctional. Grrrrrr…