How be sure that the up to date my headphones and his software

Hello, I have not found the tutorial for beginner which the first indication spoke about a specific update necessary to immerse immediately in the songs making is the first and important make you must. If the tutorial explained how is making, or simply I can understand with my another language as English, I could be able to think that my headphone is absolutely perfect to use and life the Soundcore experience.
But I ask how is for me indications on the number’s softwears (I have note read the current version in the first time ) the same (bur more difficult to find the currebt version for hardware). I thank the person who’s going to help me with simply to say if an update is to load before using. And if it’ s the right, expose me what can I do to assure me that since a weekly My wonderful buy is good running!!!..
Thank you for your answer.