How common is this? Wolf hearing

Any idea why I cannot do it for more than about 30 seconds? If it’s just stopping a bone, why can’t I do for as long as I wanted? If I try to sustain it, it simply stops working, exactly like a muscle. No pain ever, just lose the ability for a while.

I can’t “physically” turn my ears off.

With quite a bit (years) of practice I can mentally turn off the ability to hear.

It’s takes a bit of focus. Imagine yourself is inside of the noise, and then just go blank. Absolute peace and silence. Similar to a method of ignoring pain.

Sounds weird on paper, but it makes sense in my head.

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You’re describing being married.

All humans can learn to ignore a sound. A separate mental parallel ability.

Unless you have a unique ability also?


My guess is it’s you flexing the tensor tympani muscle in your ear because it’s the muscle that is supposed to naturally flew to drown out loud sounds and protect our ears which seems to be what you’re doing. I will let you know if I find out more about this but this is my best guess. To be honestly I can make my ears rumble my flexing something in my ear but I don’t think it’s as strong as blocking out sound as yours might be so not sure what that counts for .

A twitter tweet that went viral had 16% of people that can do it,

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Lol it’s less of ignoring, and more like no longer hearing it. Even if you relax or “try” to listen you won’t hear it.

I don’t think it’s a special ability, just a learned ability.

How have you been? COVID didn’t beat you up to bad did it since you haven’t been around much?

I can do the same as you but for no longer than five seconds at the most…(average of about 2 seconds). Sound gets minimized (or possibly just overwhelmed by the rumbling) but definitely not blocked.

I’ve played in plenty of loud rock bands for many years (not recently though) and always wore earplugs/cotton buds/Sonic II hearing protection valves (made by Norton).

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Oh yes I am able to ignore my wife’s orders. if I want to,
But the consequences are very hard sometimes! :rofl:

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May I copy the photomontage?
I love it!

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