How to connect 2 Motion Plus with 1 Motion Boom on Macbook Air (M1)?

Hello, I want to know if it is possible to connect 2 Motion + speakers with 1 Motion Boom speaker, I have a Macbook Air with M1 chip (MacOS Big Sur), is there an app for MacOS to connect these 3 speakers at the same time?, or maybe with aux cable but Motion Boom does not have Aux output. I have tried with the native Mac application, Audio MIDI, but I have not been able to correct the latency between both models
Any ideas ?

Others may be able to correct me…

But my current understanding is no.

The reason I think not is two Motion+ will only pair with each other (but nothing else) , and a Motion Boom will pair with another Motion Boom, but nothing else.

The only things with can “pair” outside of an identical like speaker are Partycast and none of you mention supports that.


All models you mentioned have TWS stereo mode.
So you can pair the 2 Motion + in TWS mode.
The Motion boom can not be paired with the motion +
To get more than 2 speakers paired you need models with Partycast.


As has already been pointed out, both those speakers are TWS. You can only connect 2 TWS speakers at the same time (Right and Left Channel) and they have to be the same model.

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I will join the other in their statement you can’t connect together tgose speakers

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Just a thought, but samsung has dual audio on some mobile phones. Maybe you can pair two motion plus speakers on one channel and a boom on the other?

I’ve tried that , they have different latency so you feel in a large echo chamber.

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Ahh, too bad.
Should be great if one could pair any kind of speaker without issues.
But i guess technically it wouldn’t always work.