How to set Soundcore Life Q20+ Volume Interval?

Hello, I just bought soundcore life Q20+.

I got some hearing problem, so i should limit the volume I hear.

I’m using Samsung, and installed sound assistants so the volume interval is decreased.

For example, the default is 10%. So when I press volume up, it’ll increase volume by 10%

With sound assistant, I set it to 4%. So when I press volume up, it’ll just increase the volume by 4%.

But it seems doesn’t sync with Q20+

So for example, when I increase volume from 30 to 34, the Q20 doest increase the volume

But when I increase volume by 3 steps (to 42),the Q20 will increase the volume

Unfortunately, volume 42 is to loud for me
I need in between those, like 34 or 38

How to set Q20+ volume interval, exactly like samsung volume?

I think contacting the service department may be the best to contact.

If by default the Q20 are increasing by 10 then the 3rd step from 30 to 42 would be hitting that 10 percent increase.

It may be a more technical issue that they will need to review that potentially and/or it may not be possible for them to do…

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Contact the support, please.
This is not the support anymore. :smiley:

This forum has been a kind of support in the past
and was helping a lot and often successfully.

But now this forum is totally neglected by soundcore,
so we, the “unpaid supporters” are gone…

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