How many soundcore products does everyone own??
I feel that tells how much an influence music is in your life…

Own is a little hard to define. I think 2 have about 30 devices.

For me that definition is a little broad. I have a wife and kids and so if they need or want something that I may have I usually give it to them unless I really like it.

If you want to know about influence to music, you would have to include more than just soundcore as I do have some other brands other than soundcore but do navigate toward soundcore than other brands.

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I own a few, but have been into music my whole life.

The Soundcore products I currently own are:

  1. 2 Motion Booms
  2. Mini 3
  3. Life Q30
  4. LA2P
  5. L3P

I would argue that isn’t necessarily the case. Regardless of the number of products you own you still only have two ears so one pair of really good earbuds would replace the need of others. I have a decent number of Soundcore products and love music a lot but I wouldn’t say that the number I owned always effected how much I loved music

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^this, products owned does not define one’s love for music. I have a lot of Soundcore and overall Anker products, but I also have some high end speakers and music gear that could define ones live for music

Dont agree!
It doesnt matter how many speaker, earbuds or earphone you “own”
to indicate how music is essential for you.

I would be even happy only to have one pair of good speakers. :smile: