I cannot get Life P2s to pair to each other no matter how hard I try

Left and right were pairing previously without a problem.
I recently used the Left P2 only to listen to a podcast whilst running.
Now I can’t get them to pair to each other. “Soundcore Life P2” on my bluetooth list on my phone only pairs to Right…the left is unable to pair.

I’ve put them in their case and held the multifunction button…3 red flashes on both then white flash in the charging case. I unpair both “Soundcore Life P2” and “Souncore Life P2-L” from my phone. I take out the the earbuds out of their charging case: the left one slowly blinks 1-2s then blackout; the right blinks quickly white. I put them on my ears and only the right goes into auto pairing mode (the beeping sound) the left out just says battery x% left but no beeping after. I proceed to pair them as if for the first time, “Soundcore Life P2” on my phone and ONLY THE RIGHT PAIRS. I do not understand why.

I feel like i’ve done everything as instructed by the manual, I’m out of options.

Can anyone help?

Did you only pair to one device (say one phone) ? That’s by far the most reliable.

What can happen if you use 2 devices is when you went out with one bud, now one bud is connected to one device, other bud to another device.

Fix is to delete all pairing, turn off all Bluetooth and reset fully the buds and case.

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Hmm I’ve had similar issues with Spirit Dot 2 a couple times but normally 1 or 2 resets does the job. I would recommend another reset to see. If you don’t get it working, contact customer service at service@soundcore.com

Thanks for your replies, yes the headphones are paired to only 1 device (my phone)

And yes, I’ve reset them over 10 times to no avail. I’ve contacted customer support but I’m honestly unsure what else I can do unless there’s a different kind of hard reset that I can try.


There’s two levels of reset. Reset just buds and a full reset. The latter is harder and if done wrong is doing the same as former.

What most people are doing is this buds reset as it’s the top hit.

No a full reset is this plus

  • make sure the case is being charged also,the above doesn’t show that
  • and this step below


Without these added instructions you’re not doing a full reset.

Thank you guys, all of your input was helpful, I did a mix of what you guys recommended and what the soundcore customer rep also recommended.

I reset by holding the multifunction button this time WHILE the case was being charged. I feel like the flashing color/light ombination was different from if I had only reset without having the case plugged in.

Also I accepted a pair from both “soundcore life p2” AND “soundcore life p2 Left” whereas before I was only trying to pair “life p2” leaving out “life p2 Left” not paired which clearly wasn’t working.

Both work now.

Suffice it to say I’ll think twice before only using the left earbud only. The hassle I went through wasn’t worth it haha.


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Cool, yes you probably weren’t resetting fully.

The left bud pairing is a message to pair sent from the right bud and it’s needed for 3 reasons I’ll not go into.

The reset video by Soundcore is half the problem. It’s wrong.