I changed the speaker's place of my home discotek a little

Now all speakers of my home disco are in the same level of height as my ears are
when sitting at my laptop and writing my 6’th comments :joy:
(I know I am allowed to write 5 only, but today is Saturday, Please forgive me!)

The construction is a test version now.
Will be much better soon!

But the sound is MUCH better placed that position.


@Chiquinho Nice setup. It probably my six comment or so as well. Lol.

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Hope we both will get no limitations. :joy:

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Looking good!!

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Very well setup, looks neat!!

Symmetrical :ok_hand:

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It has to be a isosceles triangle for best stereo listening (FLARES).

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Ugh. This is why we need moderators. @Chiquinho is getting away with extra comments :joy::joy:

The motion+ not getting any love in the line up :frowning_face: :wink:

A nice little wooden stand for those would make this look even more awesome

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I do change from time to time.
All speakers left are in use. :wink:

I will do this of course.
If ready I will share fotos as usual.

This is much more than my limited postings I got allowed from the big master.
I have to stop. :smile:


You will be suspended for one full day for writing an extra 6th comment LOL :rofl:
I like the set up. But mine is all in one and in perfect line see below :wink:

If I had OCD the gaps difference would drive me crazy :yum:

Thankfully I don’t (but those that do will now have double checked the pic - you’re welcome :joy:)

Looks good bud

Can you pair all three to send the same sound from all?

Not possible. :wink:
I can pair the two FLARES and could get two ZEROS paired
if I would own a second one.

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There is an option, but needs a BT Transmitter (though not true stereo) connect the Motion Zero & 1 Flare of the Pair to a Audio source, or may be also on Android Phone with Dual BT connection, and play the song!!

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I know, but there is no need at the moment.
Its OK.
Thank you for the hint!

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This means you need to upgrade to 100 flare 2s.

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Nice little setup. You need to post that in Gallery too. :slight_smile:

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