I got new firmware updates 39.39 should i update

Can i update my motion plus…39.39 plz help

Regardless of the offer, you should never update firmware unless you are suffering a known bug.

Ideally an update says what it changes / fixes. If it does fix some issue you have then update. Often Soundcore does not share what it fixes.

So if you’re happy, leave as-is, if you have issues, then update.


No i have no issue on firmware 36.38 …until unless alan ross makes a separate video upon new update i won’t update thank u for your comment…Love from India…

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If you said you had an issue, we’d immediately all of us say to check and do updates, but you don’t, so don’t!

Never change a running system! :rofl:

Usual : “Some bugs got fixed” other had been created.
Unless one doesnt know what bugs got fixed, one …

BTW Updating LINUX , I had never issues after.
LINUX is not WINDOOFS.:laughing:

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I usually just forget it until like several months later, I may decide to update but most i do not necessarily update …unless needed.

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How do you find out if there is “a need”? :smile:
I never would do it, without any exact description what bugs got fixed.
And even if I know what got fixed , I dont trust.

BTW : I never updated my speakers and these are still working properly.
So there is no need. :rofl:

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I will join others - keep your running system.

What changed:
I updated and now I can turn the power on/off sound on or off. Not that I found the sound annoying or anything.

What improved:
EQ was not working on both speakers. Works after update. Both speakers accept EQ changes.
I love this improvement.

What I dont like:
When I skip in a song, the speaker with the white led starts first. The speaker with the blue led starts a second later.
Not a major issue, but it is annoying.

Thats really weird.
The blue one is the master as far I know from my flare minis.
After connected the speaker should start simultaneously.

Blue is indeed the master or L speaker.
I disconnected both speakers and made the other speaker primary (Blue) L.
Still the secondary (White)R speaker plays first after pause, play, skip and the primary speaker would follow a second later.

With the previous firmware, one of the speakers would stop playing sound for a second intermittently, which was very annoying. But that could easily be solved by making the other speaker the primary speaker. Unfortunately that does not work for this issue.

Maybe I will have to wait for another firmware update to get this fixed.

You should contact the support.
May be they can help you.
But swapping the speakers from m to s vice and versa and the same issue
is existing indicated that something went wrong with that “update”.
I never did any update with my speakers.
They are working perfectly so there is no need for such an update.

I dont use the app.
No app under LINUX.

Alan Ross just made 2 videos. One about the update to 39.39. The other for his 39.39 eq. Just check youtube.

I updated both my motion plus speakers from 37.38 to 39.39. Still good sound (the same to my ears) and no more start up and turn of sounds. Great.

Lucky! :laughing:

I dont know how, but my speakers work perfect now. The issue with one speaker starting to play first has been resolved. Dont know what I did, that resolved it.

Speakers sound the same to me. For me the upgrade was a success.

I upgraded my two motion+ and I find more defined bass and crispier mids and better soundstage. I don’t care much for the start up and shut down sounds and I really listen to hi res music through Audirvana in mac which gives you better results than the music app from apple.

Can you suggest me …how can i listen Hi re audio in android devices…

What do you mean with “Hi re audio”?

There are many audio formats (lossy and lossless) not only these you find listed listed here :

hi res (high resolution) sound from 24 bit recordings