I have some questions on warranty returs. Q35

I have initiated warranty claim for my Soundcore life Q35.
but the problem is -

  1. shipping damages
  2. they’ll mostly send a refurbished headphone back
  3. if the engineer fails to understand my problem with headphones, i’ll be simply wasting me time and money. ( cuz I’ll have to pay for shipping if product is found to be in working condition and my headphone is in “working condition”. but it has “stereo misalignment problem”. )
  4. I don’t have all the accessories with me. ( the travelling box and aeroplane adapter is not with me right now) will the return be cancelled?
    5)anyone who clamied warranty before can assist me how this process works. soundcore stoped sending emails they are not replying to my emails now.

I’ve never had warranty problems.

I’ve always bought in officially supported countries and direct from Soundcore or Ankerdirect on Amazon. So proof of purchase was assured.

I’ve only needed to prove I’ve posted back to get a replacement sent.

Don’t know if a partial return is that important.

They don’t work weekends so much as weekdays. Wait.

I have not had any issue with return (not q35 though) but as stated it may depend on where it is shipped from and it may be why it may be refurbished potentially. Unsure on what shipping damages is (to you or from you returning it).

What I had started doing in the past is that before I shipped, I tried to write a little letter on what was going on with the product if it was only to be repaired (again do not know if your service is returning or repairing). It may give a better explanation to the engineer and not just rely on support text.

I think for the most part they should do a return if most of the items are there. I think I forgot an audio cord once (or it was a USB C that I have a lot of).

Note Service Warranty T&C :**

1. All replacement/repaired product warranty based on your first purchase of Anker product, Brand will not be responsible for transit damage or loses , please do bubble wrapping to avoid product damage, take picture or videos before hand overing the product to the courier person.

2.Incase replacement model is not available, we can provide available model color or alternate model similar to your Invoice amount only. No Refund is applicable in our warranty process.

3. The replacement unit might not have the sales package and We will work on Ticket allotment basics, Kindly apologizes in case of any delay.

this not was sent to me by support team

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You should ask the support, they can give you all the informations we can not do here.
btw. I had never any problems, because I never received a defective item. :grin:

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they are not giving reply. I sent 3email in last 18hrs, no reply from them!

Customer service doesn’t work on weekends. So wait till tomorrow.

Please, let the staff rest a little, as we all doing.
Than you.

As explained earlier: