I need some help please!

So I was showing my friend my new Soundcore Boom 2 speaker, and now they want a speaker like mine. I was wondering if there is any kind of benefit for that. Is there a way where they use a special link to get a bonus or something?


There’s a link to get a referral here. Looks like they have a sales link or a general referral link. Looks like you might want the sales link. If you have them sign up for Soundcore Collective with your other referral link, it seems like you’d both be able to double dip.

According to the referrals page, both you and your friend would earn points towards the leaderboard, where the top ten users each month win a prize. You both would receive something Soundcore refers to as “notes” as well. The exchange notes stack up to be able to be redeemed for coupons off of Soundcore products.

It doesn’t seem like the biggest reward, but if you can continue to spread Soundcore by word of mouth and get more people in on buying via your referrals, you could rake in quite the discounts.

I think this just a temporary change as that page had been removed and it is back now. The ability to do that is not necessarily active now. Basically the previous format here was at a time where you could gain notes but it is not active for you to get anything of value unless you have a lot of points. I figured the link will be removed and corrected in the near future… my guess.

Thank you so much for your help!