Identify the Opera By the opening bars

Hey all not really sure how popular opera is on here but found this cute little quiz for operas and how well you know them. Personally I only really know one or two opera’s but it’s definitely something I want to get to know more about and listen to more.

So just wondering what everyone’s thoughts on opera and if you take the quiz how did it go?


I’ll give it a try

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Not my thing as I would not do good at it

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I could do but its a boring stupid test.

Thak you for posting but knowledge in Opera does not allow me to parcipate :sweat_smile:

I would be 0 for as many as I tried. Now if you replaced it with songs of a different era, maybe.

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I failed miserably at this one… been quite a while since I had a look at sheet music… had I played the few bars, may have gotten better than a goose egg…

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