If You Could See Any Band or Artist, Who Would You Choose?

Hey guys!

You know, lockdown hasn’t been that arduous for me. I’ve muddled through. Safe in the knowledge that if I stay at home, I’m keeping myself safe and doing my part for those around me. I’ve got my PlayStation, Netflix, Spotify, and endless books on my Kindle (and of course @Loz keeping me busy here). With that said, there are still two huge holes in my life: sports and live music.

It’s amazing just how gray life feels without them. As a Brit, even if I’m not currently based in the UK, Saturday just isn’t Saturday without the Premier League. Weekday nights just aren’t weekday nights without that famous Champion’s League fanfare. We should be getting fired up for Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics right now :sob:.

And the lack of sport wouldn’t be so hard to take if I still had my live music! Rubbing shoulders with sweaty people, waking up with my ears ringing, getting home too late then getting up for work :heart_eyes:. Thanks to Spotify and other streaming services, I can listen to absolutely anything I want to; and thanks to Liberty 2 Pro, I can make it sound amazing (shameless plug :grimacing:). But sometimes, it just makes me miss the live shows even more.

I’ve found myself daydreaming about live gigs. Whether it be shows that I’ve been to, or shows that I would cut off my right arm to go to right now. I asked people in the Soundcore office if they could see any performance from a band or artist (living or dead) who would they choose? The list was… eclectic.

We had votes for Louis Armstrong (he’s the king of trumpeters!), Ariana Grande (OMG!!! PLS!), Rage Against The Machine (**** you, I won’t do what you tell me!), Queen (with Freddy), and Bob Marley (we be jammin’!).

Check out some of these performances:

Rage Against The Machine (Probably don’t listen to this around the little ones! :joy:)

Louis Armstrong

Queen (with Freddy)

What about you guys? Who would you choose to perform at your dream gig right now? Since it’s fantasy land you can choose absolutely anyone (living or dead). Why not make it a festival? Who would you put on the bill? Don’t forget to leave us some videos of your favorite performances!


Both well before my time (or age) for being able to attend a live concert but for me it would have to be Elvis Presley on his 1970 Las Vegas Summer festival (where he made a return to music over films) and without a doubt Queen’s final at Wembley Statium performances in 86’


Not necessarily this exact song, but I’ve always wanted to see the Berlin philharmonic. They are the best in the world :smiley:


Dont forget the “Wiener Philharmoniker”

But indeed:
The Berliner Symphoniker (Karajan) are always a hearing pleasure! :grinning:


Have you heard them live before?!


I think it would be a combo concert with Elvis and the Beatles.

Elvis would be an earlier version of himself. Beatles would be like about the 1968 version

We could then throw some classical music toward the end.

(Could have Elvis going I am all shook up as they are playing the 1812 overture and shooting the cannons. LOL Just kidding on this last part with Elvis)


No not the “Berliner”, but the “Wiener” (4 or 5 times in Vienna).

I hear the “Bayerisches Staatsorchester”
(Nationaltheater München) very often. -> Opera.

But not possible at the moment. :frowning_face:


Great idea!
Tchaikovsy is fine for today!:grinning:
I am listing now.

Thanks for the hint!

This is a nice performance for Andrew!


I would choose a modern artist such as KSI . i think he is a great music artist and also KSI is a huge youtuber also. i would love to meet him and his vibe is amazing. he’s also releasing a new album called dissimulation tomorrow (KSI) .


Like to see Dua Lipa :smiley:


Bob Marley anyday!


But I can watch almost anyone I want, from the comfort of my living room…

And I prefer that to a concert for even bands I enjoy, where you almost have to be wearing ear protection to not be completely deafened. Maybe I am just old, but that isn’t a fun experience.


Would have loved seeing Elvis, Chuck Berry, or Queen.

Foo Fighters and Garth Brooks are at the top of my current performers/bands list.


I’ve posted this before, but Foo Fighters 100%. They released the full Wembley 2008 Live performance a week ago. Incredible.


reminds me on

Nickelback, 5 Finger Death Punch, Disturbed and Rammstein.


I was thinking about this over the weekend and I’d love to go back to the 70’s and see ABBA :partying_face:


Indeed the songs are absolutely perfect created.
High class sound engineering, but the group was good as well on stage.