Imagine - 50 years on

Heard today that it’s 50 years since John Lennon composed Imagine.

Sadly the message of the song is needed just as much today as it was then.

The music was written and recorded on a piano.
This piano is still around and to mark 50 years, the song was played by a student on the original piano.

This is the article:

What’s amazing is how much of the song is down to the uniqueness of the piano - it has a distinctive sound and hearing it played today takes you back to the original of 50 years ago.
No words needed, just the piano.


Wow 50 years that’s crazy such a beautiful song thanks for sharing been a while since I’ve listened to it


It deserves to be called classics.

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A truly great song. As a side note I was watching Monday Night Football when they announced he’d been shot. What a tragedy!

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Thanks for the info on the original piano.
I like the cello version of “Imagine” :slightly_smiling_face::

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Thanks for sharing. In Poland, after the death of John Lennon, a song was created - although sad, it was a great hit. The band’s singer committed suicide in 2007.

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Beatles still influencing today as yesterday.