Introducing soundcore VRP10

Attention all gaming fans! The time has come, and we can finally unveil something that has been kept under wraps for quite some time…

Introducing the first made for Meta true wireless gaming earbuds, soundcore VR P10 :partying_face:

Let’s check out some of their awesome features:

:zap:LightningSyncTM Wireless Technology

Experience less than 30ms latency when used with the connected dongle. No noticeable lag time between visuals & audio

:telephone_receiver: Dual Wireless Connections

Simultaneously connect to both dongle via 2.4Ghz wireless connection and mobile via Bluetooth. Play games and answer calls at the same time

:video_game: Multi-platform Compatible with Instant Switch

Compatible with multiple platforms (VR console,PS4/5, PC) with USB-C Dongle, switch instantly among devices with soundcore App.

:loud_sound: High Quality Sound

Thumping sound with 11mm driver and BassUp™️ (Gaming EQ modes available)

:zap: Pass-through Charging via Dongle

Charge your device via the USB-C port located on the Dongle

:stopwatch: Up to 6 Hours of Total Playtime

Enjoy 6 hours of playback per charge and an additional 24 hours with the charging case

:studio_microphone: 4-Mic For Clear Calls

4 microphones with beamforming noise reduction to reduce background noise and amplify your voice.

How Do I Get My Hands On a Pair?

They are available right now HERE.

Availability in UK, DE, EU will be mid-November

So…what do you think? What feature excites you the most? Let me know in the comments :point_down:


Have not jumped on the VR bandwagon but <30ms is impressive regardless of what tech it’s used for.

EDIT: I just saw the dongle was compatible with PC and Switch; that changes things for me quite a bit actually.

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My son has the Oculus and it has an audio like the Soundcore frames if you wanted to use it that way and the PS 4 system that I have has the audio cable that I do not like.

So I like the freedom of cables and immersion from the outside world

Uses LC3

The dongle is the audio DAC if you wanted that latency not using the dongle then need a LC3 source.

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Yeah I would likely just use the dongle for simplicity sake.

This is so cool I think my grandkids will enjoy it. Might be a Christmas present for some of the older ones