Is it possible to connect Soundcore Motion+ and Soundcore Boost (1st gen)

Hi guys,

I just received a Soundcore Motion+ and sound is just WOW. Not that I dont like the the Boost, but the Motion+ is a lot louder and clearer and rich.

So, I`ve been browsing info, but could not find out … is there somehow someway I can connect the two speakers together, or I just need to purchase another Motion+?


If both have “partycast” it could be possible.
But I dont know not owning these models.

No you can’t… motion+ doesn’t have partycast features only two motion + can connect each other

The Motion + is TWS (True Wireless Stereo). It will only connect to another Motion + (in that configuration, 1 is the right channel, the other the left). I have 2 and that’s the way I run them. I think it works out very good.

PS It’s the same story with the Motion Boom.

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Thanks guys,

I`ve purchased another Motion+ and waiting it in the mail.

And by the way, is it possible to connect more than 2 Motion+ speakers together? :smiley:

No : only left and right channel via TWS.
Otherwise you would need a model with partycast.