Is Soundcore better than JBL?

I think soundcore is better than jbl beaucause the value for money is better.
You buy better with Fewer.
Andy the quality of soundcore is very very good for the price.
But you ? What do you think ??

Sorry for this text, I’m french …


Depends on your preference…They all have different sounds but I prefer the sound of the soundcore


In many ways, yes. Quality, value, performance. Not only Soundcore division, Anker as a brand in general, I consider A1!! But JBL has a popular elite Status within the market. At a premium price. My choice for Battery power, Charging and Bluetooth audio, i have EVERYTHING Anker.


Yes,in my experience with soundcore they preform better, I have found that soundcore can be louder then JBL but the more higher end speakers of JBL sounds a tad bit louder and clearer but also feel like it depends on the user preference to sound

Soundcore definitely better! JBL is just another sold off to Walmart brand like Pioneer

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This depends very much on the category. The Motion+ and Boom, and maybe the Boom Plus, are “JBL beaters”, but if we’re talking about party speakers, I’d definitely buy JBL. Unfortunately, the Boombox 3, but the even bigger and louder JBL speakers have no competition from Soundcore.
For example, I’ve been waiting a long time for a speaker from Soundcore like the Harman/Kardon Go + Play, or like the Boombox 3.
I now have two Soundcore speakers. I like both, but while the Motion+ lacks the really deep bass, the Boom lacks the musicality.