Is there a “find my” feature?

I’ve lost my Soundcore earbuds and case somewhere in the house/garden/car. Can I get them to beep like the Apple ones so I can locate them.

Currently there is no find my in most of the soundcore products.

The P3 does have sort of find me function where they will do a noise (or beep) to help you find them. No cases currently have that function either.

I feel your pain, I dropped both of my earbuds near a bush and they really blended into the ground area. Thus my current mood to try to get more colorful buds when possible.

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Dont think so.
But remember a house/garden/car doesn’t lose anything!
You will find these for sure.

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So lets go back to the wired ones.
Less losses. :laughing:


Thanks … maybe a “find my” equivalent could be added to a feature request list, if there is one?

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I think it sometimes come down to tracking your steps. I do hate the searching for the lost buds as I try to backtrack for them. It is even worse when it is your kids as they are less likely to state their path.

I would try to write path for when lost and work backwards when retracing steps. backwards. Although I think a search of the garden may be the first depending on the weather.

Hope you find them. Do not know what kind of earbuds they are but hope they were not too expensive if you are not able to find them.

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The older we get the more problems show up. :grin:

What I really hate is when writing or speaking in a foreign language and I can’t remember a word/expression.
After a certain time I remember, but the conversation has gone meanwhile.


No, and if you think about it from an engineering perspective, you’d not want such a feature.

These type of buds have tiny batteries, just big enough to last a reasonable amount of hours. They turn off when not in use to protect battery life. So the buds are off deliberately, unable to be contacted, soon after you put them away.

The case does have a bigger battery headroom, so could probably stay on for some time. But you’d have to add bluetooth and/or Wifi to their electronics, raising the cost of the case, and most people would balk at paying for such.

As I cannot alter the common sense engineering principles, I can however alter my purchase decisions, I still use the discontinued Slim buds with a wire around back of neck making it substantially harder to lose them, and over-ear headphones which are so large I can find them easier.

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Do you really think the costs are increasing such a lot when adding this feature?
Or the manufacturer’s idea is, if something will be lost, it will be replaced by a new device asap?

There is a way to add it at no cost, make it an app configuration option to enable find-me, the buds then stay on waiting for a find-me signal to then ring.

But buds in a case, the buds have to stay on, so drain the case, the case blocks the sound from the buds, so you’d have to add a speaker etc to the case, making it larger, lower battery life, more costly.

Depending on which earbuds, one pair does have, and I want to say it’s the liberty air 2 pros.

Albeit, I’ve found it doesn’t work quite as well as one may hope…

But losing the buds in the case happens not often.
Often only one bud gets lost.
But if this happens “somewhere” all the finding features are really useless.

If it happens at home EUFY roboVac S11 could help.
“Old Willy” is often finding things we we are missing.
But such a lost bud is to big for him to carry. :smile:

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Are you still using the same ones as before? And/Or have you been able to find another pair of the slims since they got discontinued and to be able to still use them for at least a few more years.

I think you can guessimate the cost of buds with or without it. P2 were 59 when first came out. P3 were 79. So NC and the tones increased it by 20 but I can not remember if the p3 have the bass up. So the tones may have taken the cost of the bass up cost. So that could mean that NC is 20 to add to the stem type buds. (for example)

You can then guessimate Air 2 Pros LDAC is about 50+ as they do not have the tones. I think the tones probably are the cheapest part to add but do think the buds are just using the NC feature to project the tones.

@The_Professor stated it best on the cost for the case. I would rather lose a case and potentially have to buy a new one than to pay for a lot more case features that will increase my initial purchase price. I think buying buds and an extra case would still be cheaper than buying a bud with the smart case.

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I bought two of them 3 years ago, one died, other is around my neck now. I’d like them to return as it’s a simple way to solve the fact we’re only human and forget and lose things.

Now in summer I leave home wearing my Frames, but still the Slim buds around neck as they each work in complementary situations.

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It would cost nothing to add find-me to the buds, make it a configurable option within the app of how long they stay on when not active, and play a sound. It would cost something and make case bulkier, to add to the case.

One way to square this circle is a combined case+speaker so say a lid ontop of a speaker you place buds and you can find the “case” using it’s speaker capabilty.

Gosh, did I just invent something? "Find me speaker case Professor Edition ™ " ?

Agree on a wired version is needed. It just a good option to have as all situations do not need wireless buds.
(biking, working out, hiking in forest, or etc)

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