Jungle Scout Discount Code 2024: Claim 80% Off Now

Are you looking for the best Jungle Scout discount coupons in 2024?

Here are the newest discount coupons for Jungle Scout, offering savings of up to 80% on the paid subscription.

Jungle Scout Discount Code 2024

Jungle Scout Suite 3-Month Plan for Only $123

Jungle Scout Suite 3-Month Plan: Pay only $123 every three months for the Jungle Scout Suite 3-month plan. Grab this deal now to save more.

Jungle Scout Suite Annual Plan: Just $383/year

Jungle Scout Suite Annual Plan: Get the Jungle Scout Suite Annual plan for just $383 per year. This offer is for a limited time, so act fast to claim it.

Get 80% OFF Jungle Scout Discount On Master Bundle!

80% OFF Jungle Scout Master Bundle: Improve your Amazon FBA selling skills with the Master Bundle, available for just $999 for one year. That’s an 80% discount!

Get Annual Plan + Bootcamp For Just $699!

Annual Plan + Bootcamp: Purchase the Jungle Scout Annual plan along with the Freedom Builder Bootcamp, valued at $999, for a discounted price of $699.

How To Claim Jungle Scout Coupon Code?

To claim the offers and get up to a 56% discount , follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Select The Jungle Scout Deal Of Your Choice: Click on this special link to access the discounted offers. Once you’re on the page, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Sign Up For A Jungle Scout Account: Provide your email address, set a password, and click “Next” to create your Jungle Scout account. You’ll also see the details of the plan you’ve selected at the top of the page.

Step 3: Fill In Your Payment Details: In the final step, enter your payment and billing information. Then, click on “Create Your Account” to finalize the process and claim your Jungle Scout offer.

That’s it! You’ve successfully claimed your Jungle Scout discount and can now enjoy the benefits of your selected plan.

Jungle Scout Pricing Options

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each Jungle Scout offer available:

Suite 3-Month Plan:

  • Flat 35% discount on the regular price of $189.
  • Unlimited product and keyword searches.
  • Tracking up to 150 products.
  • Access to 3500 keywords and suppliers.
  • Advanced Seller Features included.
  • Access to the AI Assist feature.
  • Unlimited access to live training and Jungle Scout Academy Plus.
  • 1000 Amazon sales estimates.

Suite Annual Plan:

  • Includes all features of the 3-month suite plan extended for one year.

Suite Annual + FBB (Freedom Builder Bootcamp):

  • Includes all features of the Suite Annual plan.
  • Access to the Freedom Builder Bootcamp, an award-winning online course for building an Amazon business, for one year.

Additionally, Jungle Scout provides two free tools to calculate profits and estimate Amazon sales.

For a comprehensive review of Jungle Scout, you can take a look at this Jungle Scout review to learn more about this exceptional Amazon business tool!

Features Of Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout toolbox offers several useful features to assist Amazon sellers in product research and analysis:

  1. Product Database: Helps users search and filter products on Amazon to find potential selling opportunities. It aids in researching and categorizing products efficiently.
  2. Supplier Database: Assists in finding reliable suppliers for Amazon products. It simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with trustworthy suppliers.
  3. Supplier Tracker: This tool enables users to manage their list of suppliers and track interactions. It facilitates communication and coordination with suppliers for smoother operations.
  4. Product Tracker: Provides insights into the performance of similar products. This helps monitor market trends and analyze product demand over time.
  5. Opportunity Finder (formerly Niche Hunter): Helps users assess competition levels and potential opportunities in specific niches. It provides data on opportunity scores, competition intensity, and average units sold for targeted keywords.
  6. Keyword Scout: Offers comprehensive information on relevant keywords for products. This aids in understanding keyword demand and optimizing product listings for better visibility.
  7. Listing Builder: Assists in optimizing product listings by analyzing keyword performance and search ranking. It helps improve the visibility and placement of products on Amazon search results pages.
  8. AI Assist: Utilizes artificial intelligence to generate optimized listing content, including titles, bullet points, and descriptions. It analyzes product reviews to identify trends, sentiment, and improvement opportunities.

Overall, the Jungle Scout toolbox provides valuable insights and tools for Amazon sellers to research, analyze, and optimize their product listings and sourcing strategies.

Final Thoughts: Jungle Scout Discounts

The standard prices of Jungle Scout suite plans are notably higher compared to the discounted offers. With discounts of up to 35%, you can practically grab the Jungle Scout suite plan at a steal and save up to $890!