Just got the Life A2 Nc

I’m starting testing right now on the life a2 nc will post initial impressions tonight but also wanna add that from the advice of el jefe I ordered a pair of large x large spinfit 360 eartips for my L2P they r tight to get on the end but once ya do…man these have given me an unreal seal and took the sound from bein absolutely awesome to oh my goodness they just got better… el jefe… thank you brother for that advice!!! Along with ton of other stuff you’ve replied to my comments and I literally bought the life a2 nc after your review of best under 100 with anc … well I guess either way I’m a soundcore junkie but that got the best of my interest and had to grab em… hope any and all in this community is well and healthy… also wanna add the q30 is best over ear headphone made right now for under 300 bucks… anyone can say what they want I’ve had the momentum m2 over ears akg n700nc m2 aiwa arc 1 anc beats studio 3 and all the way to the b&o h9i… the q30 are hands down my favorite … senns and b&o got awesome build but I’m after sound and overall volume and good anc… none of those in my opinion touch these!!!


Looking forward to the review, and hope you are keeping well.


@Pantera43 Spinfit 360- could you write more about what they gave you? Did they improve the sound so much?

Hey @pantera43 also interested in feedback about the Spinfit tips… Do they come in packs with different sizes or do you have to take a punt on your expected size?

Ooooo nice… cool clear ear tips you have

Comin soon!! Promise been using this week while workin along with the L2P say this right now they’re awesome soundwise not quite there with the L2P but that didn’t surprise me or was I expecting them to as they’re not packing what the L2P is for audio but at the same time from all the others ive tried from 50 dollar earbuds to 300 dollar earbuds im yet to find one that does to the 2 pros… but these are awesome… the anc works really well in my opinion and the transparency is def decent and in my job that is the 1 thing I wish the L2P had so that feature im really enjoyin !! But will come with more thorough review here soon but id def recommend the a2 nc to anyone and everyone lookin for anc and transparency and great sound… and not just under the 100 dollar range but in any price range… they’re that good!!!


These eartips are awesome… ive found over last couple yrs the seal ya get makes all the difference in the world for sound and I normally use the large wings with largest eartips that came with the l2p and have had very good seal and fit that way but these took that to whole nother level… along with that … it def holds true…even better sound!!


Ordered them on amazon I ordered the large and xl so came with those 2 sizes so 4 total tips but the xl fit me perfectly … will leave a Linkhere for the ones I got but also they don’t say they’re made for the L2P and they r tight to get on the buds but they def go on and I can’t recommend them enough… I do wish ya could just order 2 pairs of the same size now that I know the xl is what I need but again they’re awesome and wouldn’t have known if el jefe didn’t commented back to me on one a his youtube vids to check em out!! Jefe if ya ever see this thanks man!!!


Have to take a punt buddy but they’re worth it and I also used the largest that came with my L2P so when I ordered I ordered their biggest set and I can def use the large too but the xl are primetime for me… id def order them uf you’re lookin for a better fit or seal but again like I commented on nother deal here they r tight to get on the earbuds but they def go on and they’ve been magic since I got em… I absolutely love them!!



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Thanks for all the info. I will have to order them and try them out since they improve the sound quality so much.
In Poland, you can also buy them, so I have no problem with the purchase.
The most important is a good size selection.
Thanks again!
Have a nice day!