Keep or return?


I purchased 2 early bird discounts for the Soundcore motion boom plus which I was so so looking forward to!, however after playing with the eq of the app I just cannot get a decent sound from it, I know sound is a personal opinion but there is something not quiet right with this model, I own alot of Soundcore products 2 motion booms, 2 motion booms boost and liberty air 2 pro, liberty 2 pro, liberty 3 pro and much more, all fantastic products I love them, but this one has not been what I have hoped. I’ve updated all firmware and app, reset speaker also same issue, what I am asking is will there be some update to address this speaker as I am really thinking of returning it comment below if you are in the same boat.

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You should try other equalizers from other sources.
I normally used this one from VLC, but now I detected PulseEffects and that’s really it is…
Such a great difference.

If there is no improvement you might return these

How do I do that

To do what?
Contacting the support?

Google often helps! :rofl:

No the eq from other sources

If asking a question you should do it more exaclty.
Helps a lot.
I use LINUX, if you do so use PulseEffects.
This is best eq I ever came across with “too many adjustments”.

Thank you I’ll give it a try

Well if I were in your situation I would:

  1. immediately open a ticket via email explaining the problem and asking for a solution. This immediately gets their attention and may bring forward a solution. This protects you as this is within the “no fault” window and you registered in writing the product is not what you expected.
  2. determine the “no fault” free return period. It varies by how you bought and country. Effectively legally there is a “not as advertised” free return period which expires after a while because you have implicitly accepting the product works. After the free return period ends, the product is accepted as working and then must fail to work to claim warranty. This protects the seller from someone buying to use for months and then get free refund, while protecting the buyer as you have to show evidence it broke. Typical free no-fault return is 14 days. Check.
  3. if the email doesn’t give a solution in your free return period you should return, if they promised a fix in your no-fault window and then didn’t give a fix, then you can refer back to the email to get a no-fault return.
  4. if you return them, if then a fix happens you can always buy them again later when they are discounted.

The above is boilerplate recommendation not specific to any vendor.

Specific to this product, the sound quality issue was discussed in this video. I don’t own this speaker but based on the review I feel it is fixable they need to alter the power given to the tweeters, beyond what the EQ can do.

This shows comparison with the previous product, I think anyone here can spot what is said of a “scratchy” treple?

I’d also add Anker has excellent customer support, so work with them.

I see your other comment

That is for sure the safest thing to do, you can always get it again later, takes typically 2 months for the normal discount to match early-bird discount, but let Soundcore email reply if they say known issue and fix is soon then wait.

The above video has a comment

This video claims a firmware update made it worse

These two reviewers seem to be saying effectively the same thing , but the 2nd review says he thinks its cheap tweeters. He also says the bumps “wavey” cannot be removed via EQ, so he’s recommending two Boom are better than one Boom+

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No one can answer that for you. All of our tastes/preferences are different.

I can say how I look at things. If I but something that I’m not happy with it, I return it. I don’t hold onto it hoping a change occurs (ex: firmware) and I’ll like it then. If a change happens in the future that addresses why I didn’t like it in the first place, I can always repurchase it. Just my .02 cents.

Good luck!


That’s it.
There is a hope which will be never get a fulfillment often !

From a Anker guys ………The good news is that we will have new firmware in a week to improve the sound quality and I will keep you updated.

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If you’re concerned about the free return window (they pay postage, full refund) then ask to be pushed a beta firmware to test now so you can give them feedback and see if you like it

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