Kinda an urgent question

So I’m really curious about the adaptive anc. Does each bud have its own thing. Like if one side is detecting louder noise it will go to strong mode while the other side doesn’t. My left bud seems to have a weak anc in max power and my right sounds proper. But in weak mode my right bud sound right and the left one sounds strong? Any clue as to what this is.

This is a question for the support.
They will help you, because it’s their job.


Depending on which earbuds you have, id suggest (re)trying the fit test.

Could explain why one side seems different, among many other possible things.

If you’ve done the fit test, could be the environment you were in may been noisy to be side?

Could have / would have / all guesses :wink:

If you get it figure, or response back from the true support, please share results here.


As has already been suggested, I’d contact Support: