LaptopMag Soundcore Life Q30 Review

Found this really nice and thorough review along with some nice pictures of them as well.
Hope you all enjoy it! Feel free to share your thoughts on the Q30s and if you think you are going to pick up a pair for yourself.


@ktkundy I have yet to try out the new over the ears headphones but do plan on it in the future. The review States enough to grab my attention and tugs at my interest in the new gear. When I do finally get some I will let you know how I feel about the new gear

Welcome to the community. I agree the q30 do look good. You know as you get some notes n giveaway tickets, it will help get you coupons or giveaway prizes (see referral section) that can help get you to get the new gear. :wink:

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I’ve never tried them seems like a lot of people like them though and not a bad price either!

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Nice find @ktkundy :+1:

Great share👍

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Thanks for sharing another interesting review. Good to see the 30s getting a lot of coverage