Latency problem with Soundcore Motion +

Hello, i just bought a Soundcore Motion +, and was satisfied with the sound.
One major issue though : there is a terrible latency ( between 1 and 4 seconds) everytime a new tune/video is played. I downloaded the app and it tells me the firmware is up to date, and the issue only appears when i’m using the speaker in Bluetooth mode. There’s no latency at all when i use the provided AUX cable.

I never had this issue with any other speaker, anyone knows what i can do ? I’m about to return it… it’s a terrible problem i don’t know how people can let it slip…
Thanks in advance for any help !

That comes up often.

Investigate your codec options.

There are no “codec options” available in the Soundcore App. Where do i have to look ?
Also, in the topics i can see in the link you sent me, people are talking about latency using 2 speakers at the same time.
I’m only using 1 and i still get that horrible latency. It’s weird because it happens in a random pattern (sometimes the songs play normally from the top).
And what’s weirder, it only happens when i press Play/Pause. If i jump from one point to another inside a song without pressing Pause, the sound comes up immediatly…

I’ve sent a message to soundcore support, but damn how can they sell this… it’s unusable as it is…
If you have anymore advives, i’ll gladly take them ! Thanks.

You streaming from what exactly? Say in Android it’s developer mode, bluetooth codecs there. Each has different latency some may be better for you.

EDIT - oh it’s when play pause, yes that’s a known issue to do with buffering. You have to move to a point longer than the buffer.

I’ve tried different things : streaming from a PC , Deezer and Youtube with Firefox (on youtube the problem is worse, there’s a latency even when i move from point to poin in the video without pressing play/pause). I’ve also tried with a video on VLC, same problem…

I had a cheap bluetooth speaker before (which broke down), it never had such issue…

Did you pair with multiple devices?

The Motion+ is unique that it does allow itself to be connected from multiple devices, even though it is not meant to, but it manifests as audio stuttering.

One reason why an older speaker may simply work is the Motion+ is BT 5.0 , so if you had some BT 5 and some BT 4.2 devices, if the Motion+ connects to say a BT 5, it has to be turned off then on before connecting to BT 4.2, if you don’t it tends to simply not work, but in your case it may be the cause of the lag. So turn off / on when switching devices anyway is a good root cause elimination tip.

A generally good housekeeping tip is do a reset of any product, particularly after a firmware upgrade. Delete pairings and re-pair. This might not fix this issue but you’ll be asked to do this before moving to next level of investigation.

So given this unique Motion+ issue of it pretends to do multipoint but trips itself up, delete all pairings, reset the Motion+ then connect just to one device - see if the problem is gone. The play/pause lag is not fixable.

If the play/pause lag is not fixable i’m going to return it straight away. This speaker is unusable garbage i can’t believe this, no one talks about it in the 5 stars reviews…

Thanks a lot for your answers guys !

Look at the fixes above, try them before returning. You should not get a long lag just playing media only if you pause/play, so you have something locally odd. Look at the tricks above.

You can adjust audio sync in VLC FYI.

excuse me what do you mean? what does your method fix? I encounter serious AUX IN latency

I use VLCto play back miviesi have downloaded. One of it’s MANY functions is adjust the sound timing. If using bluetooth. Why you atre having latency with aux doesn’t make much sense. Thats why i use aux over Bluetooth. I have no latency issues when using AUX.

VLC is the best program for Videos and Music.
Works on all platforms, has so many things to tune and play around with included and its free.

PulseEffects has such an adjustment too.

Didn’t know that. :grin:

Latency is masked as a function of the brain. If you let it.

Vision is slower to process than sound, so there’s an automatic sound-before-image which the brain masks.

You have the capability to ignore latency just have chillax to let it.