Launching Albums Under Lockdown | #SoundcoreSundays

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It’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy another #SoundcoreSundays episode!

After his awesome livestream performance I had the opportunity to sit down with Grassroots Musician, Danny Gruff.

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Danny spoke to me about how his year has been so far, what it’s been like releasing an album during a global pandemic and not being able to hit the road and promote it. We also talk about the impact it’s having on the music industry and Danny gives some advice for those aspiring musicians who are in a similar position right now.

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Nice nice! Happy to see Danny Gruff back again


I’ll check the podcast out


Nice podcast. Definitely tough to start fresh when a lot of well known singers are out there plus the financial struggles that you guys talked about


I felt the same. Such a massive struggle for everyone at the moment, especially musicians.


Tough situation for musicians alike. Very cool that they are still fighting their way through and getting their music out there. . Following now :+1:


Cool setup for the podcasts. Nice one with Danny, hard for artists to do much without the revenue from gigs.

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But you can record and release new albums, since that can relatively easily be done separately for solo acts, or in a bubble for bands. Losing the gig income has to be unpleasant, but at least you aren’t stuck with nothing. Many entertainment jobs are at a complete standstill - nearly impossible to even record TV shows and movies for a while. And plays, operas, anything with a large live ensemble can’t even record.

The hardest hit continue to be those making relatively low wages in any customer facing service industry job.


I know at times it is hard enough to live a normal life without the fear of the unknown. Throw in try to keep a music career going as well. Got to say god bless them as they try to juggle home life and career.


Yesterday At work I binged all of the Soundcore Sunday podcast episodes :grin::innocent:. I love the podcast so far!

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This is why I went into 2021 as a new artist with zero expectations of any kind of real revenue, and instead decided to focus on one goal… 52 songs in 52 weeks. Bare Minimum. So far I’m still on track, we’ll just have to wait and see