Let's enjoy few chiptunes with the perfect tool!

ChipTunes etc… is my playlist for Spotify (a truncated version exist on Deezer too):

Over 1300 musics and more than 80 hours of listening. It’s perfect if you’re lost on a desert island!

If it includes a lot of “classic” chiptunes, you will also find many titles like these:

Mindless Self Indulgence - It Gets Worse (lyric video)

Tagada Jones - Nous avons la rage

Crystal Castles - Untrust Us

FantomenK - DisChipo

Dubmood - Solitude

Bondage Fairies - Clone

Dubmood - Mainstream Technology

Gidropony - Puppet-show

Bought in April, the Q30 was my first headset with noise reduction and satisfied me completely until now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I see an ATARI?
Still in use?
Reminds me of those days in 1980 I used it at the university.
Much cheaper and even better than this ones :


My Atari 520 STe (with 1MB of RAM) still works even if I haven’t turned it on for a long time. But, especially for you, I turned it on again tonight with the TCB Tracker diskette. Here is the proof:

My ATARI was bought in summer 1989. My first used computers were the Commodore PET 2001 in 1981, then the TRS80 Model 1 from Tandy. Later Atari & Amiga and finally the PC under Windows. I’m mainly using openSuse Linux (KDE desktop) now…

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I used such an Atari to create TeX documents at the university.
We had created and installed a WYSIWYG-system on this machine.

Of course I use LINUX, what else :joy:

Now I am on an old LENOVO T410s. 8GB and 128GB SSD. -> LINUX Mint.
I have another LENOVO with the same system kept in reserve.
That’s enough for a pensioner like me.

Wow nice Atari! Thanks for sharing the music with us as well

Mint helped a lot for the adoption of Linux by many beginners, but I regretted the day they dropped the support for the KDE Plasma desktop.

On early Atari ST computers, sounds were reproduced by just a mono speaker in the screen monitor. But the 520 STe have cinch RCA stereo connectors, so I’m using a Bluetooth transmitter to get the Atari’s music or sounds into my Life Q30 headphone (Piano profile selected in Soundcore sound equalizer for Q30).