Liberty 2 Pro connecting issue with right earbud

Hi everyone,

I hope you could help me. I bought my Liberty Pro 2 two days ago, and after a day of great enjoyment, suddenly I’m facing a connectivity problem with my right earbud. After pairing with the phone it keeps disconnecting all the time. It’s paired, but constantly goes on and off. I’ve already tried resetting the earbuds using the button as was shown on YouTube, but the problem still exists. When the case is charged, if I open it, the left one starts blinking slowly right away, but the right one doesn’t blink at all (no light). About 10 seconds later, the light on the right one is turned on and it shines pink. When the case is not charged, if I open it, the light of the let one is constantly off, while the right one keeps repeating the following pattern: two or three white blinks at the start, then shines pink for a while and at the end goes off for a while and it starts doing it all over again and again.
Please advise.

Have you opened the lid with the case and pushed the button till you received a red blinking light on both earbuds?
In the app what does it say the battery of the earbuds are at?

Yes, I have and they blinked red three times. Now, I’ve uninstalled the app, but when it was installed (updated to the latest firmware) the battery of both earbuds was high most of the time.

Will ask the obvious. Do you have all of the stickers off the earbuds?

Yes I do. They worked perfectly for a day. I was listening Spotify for about 4-5 hours yesterday evening without any problem.

I am sorry for asking that but sometimes assuming will cause you more work. I know when I have to help my work helpdesk, I find those easy questions are not so easy for consumers or coworkers sometimes.

Perfectly understood, since I work as helpdesk myself. Assumption is mother of all f…k-ups. You’re doing great. And about earbuds, I couldn’t find what does the pink light mean on earbuds? Low buttery, I assume.

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Since you said they are only 2 days old and there’s a pink light (which I assume should be red but something’s wrong with the LED), I would make sure the connectors on earbud and case are clean and don’t look damaged in any way. I would also reach out to customer service at since the right bud might be faulty

a pink light to you but by the book it’s red means powered off.

The only other red lights that appear is when you reset them from the case and you get three blinking lights.

The case, the earbuds, the connectors they are all brand new. Regarding the LED there is a red light, a white light, but also a pink light.

I red the manual, but for me this is unfortunately not the case. And when it’s connected there is a sound, but problem is that it is getting connected-disconnected frequently.

I would contact services. I have never had a pink color. I thought there was one other that had a pink earbud. I did find it on a p2 earbuds thread below and I told them to contact the service department. If you find out about what that pink color means, I would appreciate if you could report that back. I always like learning new things and that pic on this thread is similar in color.

Yup. I’m afraid it’s the same case with me. I’m sending mail to the service. Thanks for the time and help. I’ll post the report.