Liberty 2 Pro for active use

Hey guys,

Received my long awaited L2Pro this week, I love the sound profile the HearID does within the app.

Thinks thats about it though so keen on everyone’s thoughts/input appreciate it’s always unique given the personal nature of earbuds :slight_smile:

After spending ages switching around the wingtips and buds for the right fit I just cannot find a practical match.

When sitting on a train or light walking they generally stay in albeit I get headaches from the pressure caused (i’ve exhausted the earbud options that came with) often having to put them away to give my head a rest! I’ve never had this issue with the silicone Bose earphones or even my old set of TomTom BT earphones.

Secondly, they just will not stay in when working out regardless of wingtip/earbud combination:

  • Running - falls out after 10 seconds - avoid them drains if running outside!
  • Facing towards the floor - any activity when your head is facing downwards…gravity kicks in and they eventually fall out e.g. Cable crunches, press ups etc.

While I appreciate these aren’t “Sport earbuds” it seems these are only effective when you’re not active…which defies the point in my opinion.

What have you found when using them, I’m so close to returning them which frustrates me given the sound and more particularly the wait!?



Are you making sure to insert them into your ear properly? Essentially you put them in at a 90 degree angle and then rotate them left or right to lock them in depending on which ear it is.

But I do agree that these are meant more for all around general listening and not for active use. I have been wearing mine daily for 8 or so hours a day, what I have found is that if I twist them and push a little they will lock and stay in place better.

Best for sport seem to be that Spirit X (ear hooks and sweat guard)


Yeah been making sure i’ve been doing that particularly for the wingtips to lock in but to no success :frowning:

Just done my first phone using these too - horrific!

  • Constant background hiss
  • Call quality very poor and feint despite maximum volume.
  • Kept talking over each other as their seems to be a delay.
  • Recipient said I kept breaking up.

Refund submission will happen shortly.

So so gutted about this product as it seemed good on paper.

I have some success using them for running. For me largest wingtips and smallest ear gels was the answer. I have the pressure issues if I use any of the larger eargels. Even with the smallest, I have to twist just right to avoid too tight a seal (especially with my right ear). Even with the less than tight seal I find the sound quality pretty good and they don’t seem to want to fall out.

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Yeah tried all that but still not brilliant.

Having done multiple calls with them today I think the fit is the least of my worries now - poor audio quality both for myself and the people I have been speaking with :confounded:

I also struggle with the left side, tried several combinations but it won’t stay in properly for me, no problem at all on the right side, I wish there was a different kind of wing coming with, like on the spirit dot2, works better for me.