Liberty 2 pro Liberty air 2 Spirit X2

109.99 liberty 2 pro then 69.99 liberty air 2 and 59.99 spirit x2 at best buy right now !!!


It would be very useful to add a link.

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Looks like and you had to add them to the cart to see the pricing and discount…

Nice deal and decent price for l2p

Nice find please share link next time :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you do that??? If I knew how id have done that but could not figure it out

How do you share a link

Can you please explain how ya do this??? I see deals like this all the time and have no idea how to do share it

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I’ll post up a reply on your other thread :wink:

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Wow some really nice deals you found

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Thank you!!

Nice discounts! @Pantera43