Liberty 2 Pro: Setting the volume level via headphones


how exactly does this work with the volume control directly on the headphones? Are there several levels? If I press the button several times in a row, the volume will not increase after pressing it several times. However, I can still increase the volume on my mobile phone.

Is there e.g. 5 steps here?

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The Soundcore app allows you to control double tap and long press.

I set mine so long press (2 seconds) adjusts volume. Long press left = volume down. Long press right = volume up.

Double tap left = previous track. Double tap right = next track.

Apparently, you can’t change the single press functionality. Single tap left & right = pause/play.

Would really like to make single tap = volume control.

I understand why they don’t allow changing single tap. Single tap functionality is pretty consistent across many truly wireless earbuds.

I’m happy that the buds allow volume control, regardless how it is implemented.

Also, appreciate they allow the user some limited control over how they want their earbuds to work.

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I set her up the same way. I asked how often you can do that. Because after approx. 5 times louder set, no more happens.

I didn’t read your post closely enough.

I get what you’re saying now. I’ll try it myself today and see if I have the same result.

Just got a chance to try this myself.

My Soundcore app is set so that long press changes volume.

I was able to continue to increase the volume to the phone’s max level and decrease the volume to the phone’s min level.

I tried doing this both while watching the phone display and while having the phone display off.

My volume control works exactly as I would expect. Can change the volume level with the earbuds as much as I want within the phone’s range.

Adjusted the app to control volume on long press - not working for me on Huawei P30 Pro + Spotify. But next/prev tracks function works well both for double and long press…