Liberty 2nd Gen Amazon release UK?

Do we have any sort of timeframe for when the Liberty 2nd Gen will be coming to Amazon in the UK?

I’ve been looking at the Liberty Pro 2, and I’d rather order via Amazon instead of the Soundcore site, since I’ve got £80 worth of gift card credit to use.

Nothing has been mentioned yet but I would think mid to late Oct…

Also by mid to late October the Liberty 2 Pro will be at its Full Release price, £149.

I’m more gearing towards the Liberty Air 2 anyway, so I wouldn’t benefit from the cheaper cost of the Liberty 2 Pro.

Basically I had Zolo Liberty’s that I got earlier this year, that were intermittently disconnecting in the left ear, so Amazon refunded me.

It’s overall cheaper for me to just get them from Amazon since I already have that £80 sitting there and I’m looking to replace the Zolo Liberty’s anyway.

They might do an early bird for other country’s respectively as they release them.

Pre-orders can already be taken with a discount on Soundcore’s UK website but currently you unable pre-order Liberty 2nd Gen on Amazon UK.
So I’d doubt that they’ll do a early bird for a release on Amazon.

Oh, I didn’t realize that they were available on soundcore UK. My bad

I went to look at the Liberty Pro and was amazed that they came with seven sets of earbuds but it makes sense in that it needs to stay in your ears.

I think that’s pretty standard for all soundcore earbuds…