Liberty 3 PRO: Charging/Connect issues

I purchased the Liberty 3 PROs last December. About a month ago they started having issues changing and connecting. I contacted Best Buy who referred me to Soundcore by Anker. Contacted them on a Saturday. Sunday night they got back to me. Asked for a picture of the receipt, 1 of the Serial Number on the box. A few pictures of the device in different positions. And a short video. I did all of this and on Thursday was informed that Soundcore is replacing the entire unit. Which I kind of hoped and figured they would. But you just never know these days. Regardless it’s nice to see a company stand behind its product. I’ve never in my life filed a Warranty Claim. With Soundcore it was easy and a stress free experience. Thank you to all of the people at Soundcore. I’m sure I will continue to love my earbuds as I have loved every product I have purchased by Soundcore and Anker. Before they stopped charging I told everyone who would listen how great these Liberty 3 PROs sounded. Much better than my Galaxy Buds+ or my 2nd Gen Air Pods. The Liberty 3 PROs have absolutely fantastic sound.

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