Liberty 3 Pro Firmware Update | December 2021

On December 8th, 2021, Soundcore will release a new firmware update for Liberty 3 Pro true wireless earbuds. If you’re already using Liberty 3 Pro or have just bought a pair, make sure to update its firmware to the latest version so that you can get the most out of its features.

Before updating the firmware, make sure you have updated your Soundcore app to Version 2.8.6 or higher otherwise you will be unable to access the new features.

What’s New with Firmware Version 3.71?
You can now enable ANC/Transparency when using a single earbud in Mono mode.

:arrow_right: Once your firmware is updated, go to Controls to customize the controls in Mono mode.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at



Good news for Liberty 3 Pro owners.

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Nice to know and hopefully remember for those that come onto the site.

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Why would u need that for one bud?? Fix the cut outs and inprove transperancy and anc


Have you contacted to state the potential issue you are having. Since this is the community, they are limited to resolve your issue than the service department.

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I agree there is no need for ANC and transparency when using one bud.

But from an engineering perspective it is easy to do (*). So probably why it’s done now.

The other issues are harder to solve. The buds are still relatively new so I’d be surprised if the other issues not fixed eventually before the successor.

(*) ANC and ambient relies on sensor and processing in each bud, does not rely on stereo so it is trivial to add in mono mode

I will use my LA2Pro and will use one and I had left the case open and it gave ANC effect and I really did not like it. It may be more that I am not use to it. I do use 1 earbud at work but with ANC it brings that to a different level in the difference of one ear to the other ear.

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You don’t need the ANC but transparency with one bud is a welcome addition. I use it all the time with my AirPods Pro. Make you feel like both of your ears are open unlike having one bud in and an ear that feels blocked.


i actually love having anc at mono earbud! when making a phone call (very convinient to use just one earbud) at noisy environment, anc helps a lot in hearing more clearly.

still cutting out

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huh, I was going to post that I havent had any drops with this update. really solid so far. what phone are you using? im on a samsung galaxy s20 fe.

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Sony walkman NW-ZX507

Mine are still randomly stopping in between and I still only have 2.5hrs of using them on calls. That is so low…

Please update firmware to allow enabling of ANC/Transparency when on a video call (e.g. zoom).

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I wonder about the possibility of Soundcore implementing/adding Low latency/game mode in a future Firmware update.

I installed the last update and now I have a problem with the left earbud. My left bud is cracking when moving the head or talking or walking when transparency mode or anc is on. Everything was fine before the update.

The previous earbuds Liberty 3 pro have the same problem. I’m replaced it in the shop and took new set of earbuds. I thought that this is a defective. But after updating I have the same problem in new earbuds.

i had this problem before, but it seems to hardware issues so got a replacement, and issues resolved

Unfortunately I replaced the earbuds in the store, but the problem is with new earbuds too :frowning:

Would be nice if we can change the EQ to ± 12 dB instead of only ± 6 dB to get a neutral sound. Especially for the bass.