Liberty 3 pro must have features :)

After 1 month of use of these highly anticipated earbuds, there are some little things that kinda ruin the experience.
Here is what I think can be done to fix that:

  1. When taking the buds out of the box, the app on the phone should have a popup (optional to disable this) asking you which device/s you want to connect to.

  2. Similar to point one above, on the main screen, at the top or near the to we should have quick access to the device list. Currently I have to scroll to the bottom > click on settings > click on device list.
    But this is something that when I need it, I need it fast. Even with multipoint, sometimes I need to connect to a different device and it would be ideal to have access to this setting without so many clicks.

  3. When on multipoint and I get a call, the device I am watching a video on or listening to music doesn’t auto pause. So once I finish the call on my phone and go back to my computer or tablet, I need to scroll back and find where I left off. Also if I move away from the computer and lose connection, then the sound starts coming out via the computers speakers and if auto pause was a feature, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

  4. Touch controls - I think touch is too sensitive. It should only activate if you tap harder than simply touch. I activate controls simply by taking the bud out my ear or brushing against it if I am adjusting my glasses.
    If the hardware doesn’t support registering the difference between touch and a harder tap, then there should be an option to do something like a quick double tap activates the touch controls for 3 seconds.
    Double tap > then long press, one tap, 2 tap, 3 tap. Or something like that. I know that Anker might think this is too complicated for some users, but I am telling you, the touch controls are sooo sensitive that the current situation is worse. Something like my suggestion could be an option in the settings (only activate touch controls after a double tap) a checkbox with a disclaimer like that or something.

Nice to have:
5. As the buds don’t always charge when in the box, I think it would be good for the lights to flash on the outside of the box a few times when you close the box and it starts charging both earbuds. So if you don’t notice the flashing, then you know something is wrong with the way the buds connected inside. I know there are lights in the box, but I can’t always see the light through the eartips and it is something I really need to spend time making sure the buds are in the box. This is a BAD experience. I never know if my buds are charging or not. I need to double check and make sure I see that little light inside the box is on.

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  1. Most earbuds should be lighting up the first and 3rd led to let you that they are in charge mode. If you do not see it. You may need to clean the connectors.

  2. Do not have the 3 so can not say.

  3. If you walk away and lose connection, how will the earbuds be able to pause the video when there is no connection. :wink:

  4. This may be more of a phone issue than device

  5. Same as 2.

Duane that was not very helpful.
The earbuds since day one don’t always connect when in the case.
If I walk away from a device I am not currently listening to becuase it auto switched to my phone, then that device should be on pause when the auto switch happened, but it doesn’t work like that. ALL other multipoint earphones I have DO work that way.

I was not asking questions here. I was offering feature requests to Anker. So no idea why you felt the need to come and respond to my suggestions and try to debunk them as something that is even an issue. They are all issues and would be very simple for Anker to fix most of these issues if not all.

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You can contact this email if you want to give suggestions as well. As this is a community you will get responses back from other here. A lot of the folks work in tech and are used to conversion of our ideas good or bad but it is all for the better.

I will not comment on them again other than a suggestion for your one and 2 question.

In android the app has a widget you can get when connected usually for your NC. I figure it is the same for l3p.

Maybe ask when the earbuds connect to the phone that the widget have a tap to get to your different connections to decide which to activate.

This way you should not have to open the app and can also save a few more clicks as well.

Thanks Duane, didn’t mean to be so aggressive, I guess it was a misunderstanding :slight_smile:
Yeah a widget would also be great.
I will email them,

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