Liberty 4 - Cannot Answer Phone Calls

Hello to all, I recently purchased the Liberty 4 about a month ago and as of today, I am unable to answer any calls with my iPhone 11 Pro. Yes I made sure to update the firmware, yes I tried resetting them, yes I checked the controls in the app, yes they are fully charged, and lastly I know you’re supposed to double tap to answer but even with knowing all of these, I am still unable to answer any calls. I am currently using the touchscreen and switching to my ear buds for the time being. Would anyone know of any solutions or recommendations to remedy my issue? Thank you

There was definitely no update of the OS of the iphone?

I’m on iOS 16.1.2

Didi it work before?,-Depending%20on%20which&text=Before%20answering%20a%20phone%20call,answer%20button%20on%20the%20iPhone.

So while trying to answer phone calls earlier today, I discovered the two tap method doesn’t work. I actually had to squeeze it quickly twice to answer phone calls and if you squeeze it three times, it ignores the call. I couldn’t find anything regarding answering phone calls online or the support forums

One should always remember.
This in definitely NOT the support here.
Those very few left here try to help ,
even it seems this forum is totally forgotten by soundcore. meanwhile.

Support can be contacted by email or chat.

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With the right earbud in the ear, I could answer the call by just removing the right ear bud and inserting them into my ears :sweat_smile:
Somehow it dies not work with the left ear bud