Liberty 4 NC Battery Life

I’m confused and curious because there are many mixed reviews on this topic. I just did a battery test with the following results.
(Buds in the latest firmware version (04.69))

  1. ANC off, LDAC off, & 40% volume = 7.5—8 hours
  2. ANC on, LDAC off, & 40% volume = 4—4.5 hours
  3. ANC on, LDAC on, & 40% volume= 3.5 hours

Is it like that normal? Because, I found several people with the same result on the Reddit forum. However, some other people said it was not normal and they got longer battery life.
As we know, the results are quite far compared to Soundcore claims and all the reviews on YouTube.

What do you think, Guys? If my unit is defective, I can request a replacement unit as soon as possible.

Yes, I love the fit and sound quality of the 4s but find I’m always charging more often compared to my other sets I have had (ie VRs, p3is, dots, etc).

You’re out off topic, Bro. :frowning: