Liberty 4 NC Call Disconnection Issues

Phone: Motorola Edge 20
OS: Android (September patch - latest)

My liberty 4 nc bluetooth tws earbuds are connecting properly to my android phone. Music and audio play perfectly, but while picking up a received call, the callers voice is switching to the device instead of being audible through the earbuds. Earbuds still show connected.

I am on the latest firmware update 04.82.

This connection issue is only present when I make/receive a call or join a teams call on the teams android app. I have had no issues on other devices, everything including MS Teams on Windows 11 or WhatsApp calls on Windows 11 laptop, is working fine. I am on AAC mode (LDAC is not active)

Has anyone else faced this issue?


I am having the same issues (with phone calls and Slack calls). My phone (Pixel 7a though same issues with my Pixel 3a) will say the audio is going through the bluetooth device but the audio doesn’t actually go through the earbuds.

I’m experiencing the same issue - Have you had any success?