Liberty 4 versus Liberty 4 NC

Looking to pick up new buds on Black Friday. There are good deals on both. I mostly use it for phone calls, some music (not audiophile though)
One problem I have with my wyze buds pro is that they seem to AMPLIFY the noise around me when I am talking. People complain to me :confused:
Liberty 4 and Liberty 4 NC seem to have decent reviews on rtings. Liberty 4 seem to perform better for noise handling but not sure this is just a testing thing or is the Liberty 4 designed different (from a mic perspective)? It seems liberty 4 NC has much better battery
I don’t care about heart rate really …


I think that 4NC are better

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I agree. I’m about to get a pair of the NCs I don’t really care for heart rate thing. I only care for ANC and if it sounds good and lasts long enough.