Liberty Air 2 - battery status voice announcement settings

Is there a way to disable/adjust the volume of the low battery voice announcement? It seems like the volume of the announcement is independent of the volume of my music, so if the music is low it’s super jarring to get a full volume voice in my ear telling me the battery’s low. I’d really love to be able to get rid of that voice altogether, but I’d settle for volume control.

I often listen to music while I’m falling asleep, and the low battery announcement pretty consistently wakes me up. Obviously there are other ways around this (shorter playlists, etc.) but I’m hoping there’s a setting or something that can address it.



I do not have these but from what I can tell, there is no setting to correct this. The current setting are only listed in the app.

With that said, how long do you play music while falling asleep. You can always put them in the charging dock as you are getting ready for bed. I believe it is something like 5 min is equal tolike 2 hours (or at least it was one of them).

Yeah I typically charge them fully before going to bed. My normal sleep playlist is pretty long, so it’s like, the middle of the night when the low battery notice hits. Guess I’ll just be making a shorter playlist :woman_shrugging: Thanks!



I would use playlist but I have conditioned myself to fall asleep real quick.

The earbuds tend to last at most 6 to 7 hours depending on what you are using. I think some of the headphones do last longer but would be a lot bulkier.

I have the life NC that normally was 99 but probably found for less.

Those last around 10 hours but the downside of those is that they are a U band and have a wired cord. So I would be afraid they would end up messing from moving in the bed.

Same exact issue/question. I try to make sure it’s charged, and I try to have a short playlist. Sometimes I fail on one or both, though. It’d be nice if it would just turn off without waking me up.

I never knew so many used them to fall asleep with

Still not aware of any way to fix this. Maybe support could help.

I was wondering last eve, that if you go into the app, and check the auto off function of the earbuds, if that may help preclude the battery low announcement.

What I typically do, is put a Netflix show on, fall asleep and as my earbuds don’t sense signal, I believe the turn off…

Odd that I couldn’t find for my L2Ps… default maybe is 15 mins?

Please let us disable that annoying voice. I nearly die of a heart attack every time.