Liberty air 2 noise cancellation issue

While calling, the other person not hear me Clearly, noise cancellation not perfect for this type of ear pods, so either fix this issue or put an option to disable this function.

With these are you pointing the down stem towards you mouth? That would point the mic closer to your mouth since they are located there.
Also in the app you should have an option to change the call setting call 1 is for quiet areas,
We’re as call 2 option is for noisy areas.

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I did all of these steps and its not working I’m afraid this type of ear pods not good quality.

One more thing while calling by using both of ear pods, I’m hearing in both but the mic only one side working!, its normal? due to you are mentioned in the specifaction it has 4 mic!!?

Any updates?

You need to email support

When using both buds only the right microphone is used.

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