Liberty Air 2 Pro $35 Amazon & Costco


That’s a smokin hot deal for some really good Buds :+1:


They were the best buds for under $100 imo, anything under $50 for these is a steal. I was really surprised…maybe a new version soon?

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These use to be $129. Getting LDAC capable Earbuds for $35 is hard to believe. I still think only my L3P slightly beats it out in sound quality in my collection (I have yet to try the L4 though - those may be why these are on this killer sale - I think those are basically the new top of the line version - stick style).

Awesome deal. Agree that anything over 1/2 off is a steal.

Although I would think that they would have went down to like 70 or 80 but would have thought the p3 may have been lower. (but think they are too new in their life span to get discounted).

I think that sometimes complicates the sale margins as you have the sales overlapping the newer buds which makes me think there is too many level of buds out there…