Liberty Air 2 Pro connection

Both my products from Soundcore are excellent. They really changed the way I listened to music, and I plan to review them fully in another post.

I do have a few questions about my Liberty Air 2 Pros, and the way the app works with them. Occasionally I’ll take them out of the case, and only the left will be playing music. Sometimes I have to fully reset and repair them to my phone because the right just won’t connect. Wondering if there is a permanent fix for this.

The second issue I have is, with automatic EQ selection. On the Hear ID and Equalizer tab, when you tap the Default, Professional, or Custom EQ options, it automatically switches your current EQ mode to the last selected one from whichever category you just tapped. For example, if my Default was on Bass Booster, but I currently had a custom EQ on but tapped the Default tab to expand it and see the options, it would switch to Bass Booster as it opens the tab. I’m not a fan of this feature. I often do not want the last played mode from whichever tab I’m expanding. Is there some way to disable this feature?

If it’s any help I’ve had these earbuds for over 2 months and they haven’t been damaged. The sound, EQ modes, and noise canceling are all unbelievable. I still have to experiment with some of the personalization though

Hello, sorry to learn about the issue with your earphones. Could you please try the steps below to see if it helps fix the sound issue:

  • Delete (forget/ignore) the pairing records for the headphones on your device and turn off the Bluetooth.
  • Reset the earbuds (Search UPqIjsCRfCk on search engine for the video).
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your device again, search for the Liberty Air 2 Pro and pair the device to see if that worked.

Regarding the EQ issue, could you please drop an email to "" by detailing the issue, so our technical support could take care of your case?

Thanks for the response. I’ve already reset and re-paired them to my phone a few times, but I’ll try following your steps and see if that changes anything and I’ll update the thread with results

I’ll email the support address with my question, thanks

Thank you! It would be appreciated that if you could give them a try to see if it helps at all. No worry, be assured that we always stand behind our products, for the order from the in-store and authorized store, providing an 18-month warranty that covers any quality or manufacturing-related issue.