Liberty Air 2 Pro Disconnect on Windows

My liberty air 2 pro keep disconnect and reconnect when i use it under windows 10 and conferencing app like Zoom and Teams

My laptop bluetooth is intel wireless bluetooth

I updated all my drivers to latest with no fix. Is this an issue in the ear phones ?


I’m not sure what to suggest other than contacting Customer Support.

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Maybe your LA2P is connected
(via Bluetooth) simultaneously to your smartphone. And he does not know which connection to choose…


Typically this is because you’re attempting to changing bluetooth versions as you are connected to 2 devices concurrently.

To cure, ideally,you need to delete all existing pairings and only pair with the Win10 device.

These buds are not multipoint.

You’ll get a kind of accidental concurrent connection as bluetooth will allow a pairing for headset mode and headphone mode with two devices and so the two devices fight each other.

Concentrate on your pairing history. Also buds cannot change BT version without a reboot so concentrate on turning buds off then on (via in case, out of case) between switching what you are connected to.

To make all issues go away, just use Android for everything. Or spend a lot more money.


Antidotally I had seen that the low energy driver for Bluetooth can cause some issues. However, I have not tested as my laptop I use mine with is corporate and locked down.

So I do the next best I figure with teams. Setup custom devices, using the earbuds for listening and laptop mic for speaking.

The earbuds will / should give choice of hands free or headset, the hands free will yield the interruptions and static. Headset choice will give sound.

Also teams has privacy flags that need to be allowed to access the earbuds mic.

Lastly, a quick search on the community should bring back the threads that hold links to the various articles over the months that the community has tried out…

Best of luck, and please let us know if you find something that works, or if something above helped.

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Thanks for your reply. I always turn off my mobile bluetooth before pairing it to my laptop. Moreover i unpaired the liberty from mobile and reset it with no success.

Thanks for your reply. Using laptop mic will prevent me from the benefit of liberty six mics.
I tried many things including intel driver update.
I am not bluetooth stack expert, but i believe it is related to windows bluetooth drivers and liberty.
I didn’t face such an issue with earlier soundcore life p2!

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I turn off my mobile bluetooth before connecting it to laptop

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Both those buds are bluetooth 5 so it’s a mystery. Best advice is ditch Windows unfortunately, the 2nd best is what @TheSnarkyOne said of use laptop mic.

The core of the issue the whole premise of device drivers that is unique to Windows - the bluetooth stack places microphone in the headset profile and ties a low bitrate to headset profile. There is no inherent technical justification for Microsoft to choose to it that way as the profiles can run concurrently as it is done with say Android.

I have managed to eradicate Windows from my life but before I accomplished that I would concurrently connect twice to collaboration software, I’d use the keyboard+mouse on Windows and I’d connect from Android for sound+mic. I’d never blame Soundcore for this Microsoft decision.

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