Liberty Air 2 Pro - Sidetone


is it possible to turn on sidetone function in these earbuds? Making calls is difficult for me when I can’t hear my voice.


I do not thinks but I have not tried it

They don’t have Sidetone. The best you could do is turn on Transparency.

Thanks for help. I just turn on transparency mode with voice option

Sorry, Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro doesn’t support the Sidetone feature for now. In the call, you are more than welcome to try the transparency feature, which will enable you to get a better and confortable call experience.
Please be assured that your suggestion about the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro will be collected and valued and we always make efforts to develop future products with more advanced and desired functions.

Thanks for reply. Is it possible to add this function in firmware update?

Sorry, for now, it cannot be supported even we do the firmware update, this is due to the default design.

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Thanks for letting him know @anny.peng. I figured Transparency Mode was his best bet.