Liberty Air 2 Pro vs Liberty Air 2

Received the Liberty Air 2 Pros earlier this week and have been comparing them to the Liberty Air 2s that I have had for a while.

In my opinion, the Liberty Air 2s are louder, actually significantly louder, than the Liberty Air 2 Pros. At first, I figured that I must be mistaken. But there is no doubt in my mind that the previous version is louder and therefore produces a fuller sound than the new Liberty Air 2 Pros.

I wonder if anyone else can compare the two and confirm.


Do they both have the same fit in ear?

Honestly, the Liberty Air 2s seem to be easier to fit in my ear.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Liberty Air 2 Pros are not as loud.

I have many pairs of wireless & truly wireless earbuds and I do not believe this is a fit issue.

How long have you been using them?

For me they got louder and sounded got better after 10 hours of use. I have a ton of other TWS and other wireless earbuds and found these may be my favorites.

Is this just different default equaliser profiles?

Can you correct for it in a custom EQ?

It is not. I have tried various eq’s with both the Air 2s and the Air 2 Pros.

In my opinion, the Air 2s are just clearly louder than the Air 2 Pros, regardless of the eq.

I Like liberty air 2 pro…those are mine first Soundcore TWS…I have others also, and sound is loud and clear… with perfect EQ , they are just perfect :slight_smile:

You have the advantage over me of owning both, I only have the LA2.

The chipset in the LA2 is higher end but the drivers in LA2P are claimed to be better so you’d expect sound quality and volume to be similar.

There are comparison reviews out there and I suspect the volume can be louder via firmware upgrade if enough complain. This chapter of a long review compares audio quality.


I mean, I just got them the other day, so not all that much.

When I got the Liberty 2 Pros, they were loud and sounded great right out of the box.

How would extended use make the Air 2 Pros louder?

I know there is a “burn in” for most speakers. This is The period of time that it takes for these drivers to reach their intended state is known as the burn-in length, and some high-end manufacturers will even quote recommended burn-in lengths for their speakers. This is according several tech websites.

I generally give new headphones and speakers about 20 or 30 hours of usage before making using decision. If you are still having issues I’d either contact support or try and return them and get a new pair to try.

Let me admit to being a skeptical person by nature. The idea of a “burn in” period for such small drivers of truly wireless earbuds strikes me as nonsense.

So, I Googled. I found articles that say a person should “burn in” headphones and articles that say that it is nonsense. Which leads me to believe that reality is somewhere in the middle. I believe that earbud drivers do change over time, but it seems more likely to be 100s or 1000s of hours instead of 10-20. And it seems likely the difference in sound is probably difficult to discern.

My experience with both the Air 2 Pros out of the box and the Air 2s that I have had for a while leads me to believe that the Air 2s are noticeably louder. Not to say that I believe there is something wrong with the Air 2 Pros, just that they are not as loud as the Air 2s and don’t seem to have as full of a sound. It is difficult for me to believe that the difference in the loudness between the two pairs would be made up through a few hours of “burn in”.

My original post was to see if anyone else could confirm my belief. I am open to the possibility that I’m hearing wrong. That’s all.

Doing a side by side comparison as I write this again confirms by belief that the Air 2s at max volume are indeed louder than the Air 2 Pros at max volume.

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Different drivers and coatings… would make sense that the 10 nano coated layers would possibly reduce overall volume while expanding the frequency range.

Could also be the fitment of the ear cushions, as I have noticed in some of the many reviews I’ve seen on the LA2Ps that because of the anc feature, you need to take some time to size the cushions properly.

Maybe that’s also contributing…

Yeah but if you don’t have the LA2’s you don’t have anything to compare the LA2P’s to in regards to this thread

I can confirm what you just said, I have both and right out the box with the default Eq the LA2 are way louder than the LA2 Pro

If I’m being honest, I’m disappointed with the volume of the LA2 Pros.

The sound is good quality. Seems like a full sound with plenty of deep base.

But they don’t rumble heavy metal the way that my Liberty 2 Pros do. No where near that loud.

The LA2 Pros are a decent upgrade from the LA2. I just wish they got louder.

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Interesting distinction. They seem quite loud to me, maybe it is partly because of the noise cancelling.

I have used both Air 2 and Air 2 pro.

The maximum volume of Air 2 pro is significantly lower than Air 2.

However, the overall sound quality of Air 2 pro is better than Air 2

I am not a professional earphone reviewer but it maybe the sacrifice for sound quality to trade the sound volume. But I hope future update can increase the maximum sound volume.

I’ll have to check mine as well. Don’t have the air 2s, but do have the other two.

Curious to say the least.

Burn in is not nonsense BUT depends on the manufacture of the unit itself. Many earbuds and headphones have statements by manufactures exactly about Burn In.

That all said–i’ve replaced two new units (exchanged) for sound issues non imagined.
Pair #3, on phone calls only, is very low. And yes everyone I did change settings but come on, it’s my third pair so I know all that…I’m resetting pair number 3, praying they work as designed. Music listening is fine, phone calls rot