Liberty Air Pro 2 question

Hey there Soundcore Community,

I am currently an owner of the Liberty Air 2 and am satisfied with them. However, they do not seem to function properly in Teams. The problem is that I don’t hear anything. I’ve also tried checking the settings and resetting them, but without success. I am interested in buying the Liberty Air 2 Pros.

What bothers me about the Airs 2 is that there are two earbuds you can connect to (Left and Right earbud). I was wondering if the Pros also have two earbuds or if it’s just one.

Thanks in advance!

I have the LA2P and when you look in your Bluetooth settings it just says Liberty Air 2 Pro. There isn’t a separate listing for the Left and Right Earbud. I think that’s what you’re asking.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Thanks a lot!
Will order them.

Do you use them on your laptop/computer in combination with Teams? If yes, how do they perform?

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They show up the same way on my PC (a single listing, not separate listing for the L and R Bud). Here’s a screenshot from my PC.
PS They work fine with both my PC and Phone. I have no issues with them. They sound great as well!

Sounds good. What does it say if you check the sound settings?
(Control Panel --> Hardware & Sound --> Sound)

Mine has two options here.

This is what I’m seeing.

Okay, seems to be the same. For some reason my original LA2 don’t work in Teams. Not on the Stereo and neither on the Hands-Free AG Audio. Hopefully I won’t have this problem with the LA2P’s.

I think the 2 different listings are for either Headphones (listening) or using as a headset for conversations on the PC. I’ve used them for phone calls on my phone and they work fine. No complaints from the people I’m talking to and they also sound fine to me.

Here’s the screen capture from my Android Phone
Note I have 2 Motion Booms I bought a couple of weeks apart so I named them Old and New. I love those Bluetooth speakers in TWS.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for your help Steve!


You’re welcome. I’m always happy to help! :+1:

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I find that teams had them drop out about five mins into a meeting, so as my laptop is a work one (no admin rights), I sorta sidestep the issue in this manner…

Pair the earbuds with my laptop
Setup the audio to be the earbuds hands free
But setup the mic to be the laptop mic.

Seems to work well.

I’d be interested in what settings you changed, if any.